Our Mission

AHSAAS aims to work for the amplification of AYUSH [AYURVEDA, YOGA & NATUROPATHY, UNANI, SIDDHA, HOMOEOPATHY] facilities and establishment of OPDs and AYUSH [AYURVEDA,YOGA & NATUROPATHY, UNANI, SIDDHA, HOMOEOPATHY] hospitals in remote areas of the country.

AHSAAS aspires to protect the rights and privileges of doctors and other staff members working in private colleges, so that the directorate of those colleges could not exploit the studying students and the staff working there.

AHSAAS seeks to work for the welfare and overall development of the AYUSH [AYURVEDA,YOGA & NATUROPATHY, UNANI, SIDDHA, HOMOEOPATHY] students and doctors.

AHSAAS aspires to establish a healthy platform so that bright students can communicate their thoughts effectively.
AHSAAS is dedicated to remove any obstacles coming in the development of homoeopathy and to work towards the expansion of the same.

AHSAAS plans to facilitate the required necessities like medicines and instruments for the students of AYUSH [AYURVEDA,YOGA & NATUROPATHY,UNANI,SIDDHA,HOMOEOPATHY] colleges so that they can practise efficiently.

AHSAAS strives to provide the homoeopathic facilities of social welfare into the society.

AHSAAS strives to promote education and work in the direction to protect our invaluable environment.

AHSAAS is making every effort possible to stop ragging and exploitation of students in the various institutions.

AHSAAS aspires to facilitate the accommodation and hostels for the students and doctors and to establish a managing committee for running the above aims and objectives.

AHSAAS seeks to work for the addiction free world and for the wellbeing of our senior citizens and mutilated ones