Welcome to AYUSH NEWS

AYUSH HEALTHCARE SERVICES AND AWARENESS SOCIETY [AHSAAS] has been founded by a group of qualified and registered AYUSH Doctors/practitioners. Professional ethics and love for the humanity bind all members of the association together. Initially established on 28th DEC, 2013 as AHSAAS with Dr. CHIRAG CHHAJED and Dr. RAVI SHARMA being the founder members.

AHSAAS has been striving hard to promote AYUSH [AYURVEDA,YOGA & NATUROPATHY, UNANI, SIDDHA, HOMOEOPATHY] in the nation and to provide professional, ethical and competent services to its members since its inception. AHSAAS works for the welfare of the homoeopathic practitioners in the region and to provide support for education and training in AYUSH [AYURVEDA,YOGA & NATUROPATHY,UNANI,SIDDHA,HOMOEOPATHY] at the national level.